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  1. BMJ - a great collection of articles by Trisha Greenhalgh which explain most of the key principles behind published academic research, with lots of great tips and advice for making sense of what you read
  2. The General Social Care Council (GSCC) is the regulator of social workers and social work education in England
  3. Bristol Uni - A systematic review of 13 strategies for reducing unplanned readmissions to hospitals in the NHS
  4. A small commercial consultancy specialising in healthcare modelling, with links to interesting resources
  5. Sci Am - The Paradox of Popular Psychology: cognitive bias and an interesting critique of the work of Kahneman and Tversky
  6. A free online course from the Open University with key topics that will help you to think in broad ways about how you and others make decisions
  7. Health Beat - interesting blog post on the changing shape of healthcare provision in the US in recent decades
  8. NEJM - article exploring the myth and its implications that medicine requires complex, highly specialized information-technology (IT) systems
  9. Ann Fam Medicine - This is the seventh and final editorial in a series about integrative approaches to promoting health and personalized, high-value health care
  10. HealthKnowledge - an excellent collection of resources covering team working and team development, with many healthcare examples
  11. RCGP scotland - executive summaries of work into the top 100 most deprived primary care practices in Scotland
  12. Audit Commission - a review which identifies the common themes leading to financial failure and proposes a series of indicators that will help NHS organisations to identify and avoid financial failure in the future

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